TeleResults – Organ Transplant, Organ Disease Management and Clinic Support Solutions

Hospitals rely on TeleResults for the daily management of patient care. Our solutions include a comprehensive EMR, organ transplant, bone marrow, islets and organ disease management modules – including Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Pulmonary Heart (PH), Ventricular Assist Devices (VAD) and Liver Malignancy (HCC).

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Presidio is the premier organ disease and transplant management information system designed to enhance patient care while helping medical centers increase efficiency and meet regulatory compliance. Presidio 2.0 is certified as a Complete EHR Ambulatory system. Supports UNOS forms automation.

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Presidio BMT

Presidio BMT manages bone marrow transplant patients throughout the entire transplant process, from referral through evaluation, donor search, transplant, follow-up and adverse conditions. Supports SOPs with deviation tracking. and automated uploading and downloading of CIBMTR forms.

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Janus Retrieval

Janus Retrieval allows medical centers to manage and retrieve data from faxes and scanned documents into usable structured data elements. Save time and avoid errors by automatically retrieving data from faxed and scanned paper documents received daily into discrete values and placed in the patient’s chart.

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