Presidio Blood & Marrow TX (BMT) and Cellular Therapy manages bone marrow transplant and cellular therapy patients throughout the entire process including referral, evaluation, donor search, transplant, therapy, follow-up and adverse conditions.

Presidio BMT supports Blood Marrow Transplant, Cellular Therapy, Apheresis Lab and Cell Lab Processing activities.

  • Apheresis activities from stem cell collection to procedures are all supported.
  • Cell Processing Lab features include processing of physician orders, the cell storage, and management of the freezer and issuance of the barcodes in ISBT 128 format.
  • Data is maintained and stored for Auto and Allogenic transplants, both for Related and Matched Unrelated Donors (MUD).
  • Cellular Therapy includes assessment, product type, response and persistence of cells.
  • The system captures the recipient and donor HLA and Donor Specific Antigens (DSA).
  • Preliminary and formal search modules are provided. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are enforced and deviations are highlighted.
  • Physician orders and preparative regimen management with e-signature functionality.
  • The system also downloads and uploads the Agnis supported forms from/to CIBMTR and generates the ASBMT RFI tables.

Presidio BMT has several built-in reports that support patient and outcome management.  These include patient presentation meeting reports and MUD reports that display all potential MUD donors and transplants that have occurred during a selected time period with both HSCT and product types.

Presidio BMT Brochure

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