Presidio Bone Marrow TX (BMT) manages bone marrow transplant patients throughout the entire transplant process, from referral through evaluation, donor search, transplant, follow-up and adverse conditions.

Presidio BMT maintains and stores data for Auto and Allogenic transplants, both for Related and Matched Unrelated Donors (MUD).

Presidio BMT provides preliminary and formal search modules, enforces Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and highlights the deviations.  The system also downloads the Agnis supported forms to CIBMTR and generates the ASBMT RFI 2016 tables.

Presidio BMT generates reports including patient presentation meeting reports, MUD reports that display all potential MUD donors and transplants that have occurred during a selected time period with both HSCT and product types.  The system captures the  recipient and donor HLA and Donor Specific Antigens (DSA).

Presidio BMT Brochure

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