Janus Retrieval

Janus Retrieval manages documents and retrieves discrete data from faxes and scans.

Janus Retrieval allows medical centers to manage and retrieve data from faxes and scanned documents into usable structured data elements. Save time and avoid errors by automatically retrieving data from the large number of faxed and scanned paper documents received daily into discrete values and placed in the patient’s chart.


  • Manage documents & patients more efficiently
  • Scan documents
  • Split and rearrange documents
  • Retrieve discrete data elements
  • File documents in relevant patient folders
  • Reduce data entry effort & errors
  • Reduce paper records
  • Interface with any EMR, directly or via HL7 interface
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Incoming scans & documents

Retrieve structured document data from patient medical records including paper documents, faxes, scans or any type of patient related document.

Detects document type automatically

Analyze to determine patient and document type. Documents containing multiple document types can be split before processing.

Post discrete data to patient’s EMR

Attach documents to the patient’s chart in the appropriate categories: Diagnostic Studies, Lab Results, Medical History, Referral Letters, etc.

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