TR Living Donor Portal

The TeleResults Living Donor Portal improves the living donor experience by automating the registration and UNOS follow-up form completion

The portal website can be customized so that it integrates with an existing transplant center’s website to create a consistent user experience.


  • SELF-REGISTRATION. Donors complete their own demographic and medical history
    details online at their own convenience.
  • MULTI-LINGUAL. English and Spanish options available.
  • CONDITIONAL FLAGGING. Set specific alerts (i.e. high blood pressure) for coordinators when forms are completed.
  • COORDINATOR NOTIFICATION. Coordinators are notified via email as registration forms are completed.


  • FACILITATE FORM COMPLETION. Save time scheduling and tracking down donors by automating the follow-up process.
  • DONOR NOTIFICATION. Donors receive email reminders to complete follow-up forms based on organ extraction date and are linked to the site to complete the form.
  • COORDINATOR NOTIFICATION. Coordinators are notified via email as follow-up forms are completed.
  • COMPLIANCE. TeleResults keeps forms in sync with changes made by UNOS.


  • SAFE AND SECURE. Portal is managed and hosted by TeleResults, no on-site servers needed.
  • CUSTOMIZATION. Center’s existing website graphics and branding are incorporated for aseamless integrated experience.
  • DONOR DASHBOARD. Live statuses maintained for all registered donors and forms. Coordinators can run filtered form and user reports from this dashboard.
  • EMR INTEGRATION. Ability to import data from completed forms directly into TeleResults Presidio and other EMRs.
  • RESEARCH. Aggregated living donor data can assist centers in completing outreach studies and other research reports.

TR Care Portal Brochure