Presidio Solid Organ TX

Presidio Solid Organ TX provides a comprehensive system for tracking and recording patient health information throughout the various phases of transplantation from referral, to presentation, wait list management, transplant, follow-up and adverse events.

Presidio supports all abdominal and thoracic organ transplants.  It also can manage both deceased and living donor data.

Presidio helps hospitals meet their QAPI goals and achieve regulatory compliance.  It has many built-in reports for management, administration and outcomes including the CMS reports.  Presidio interfaces with hospital information systems and laboratories both internal and external.  The system uploads to and downloads from UNOS UNet and supports e-prescribing through Surescripts™.

Presidio includes several modules to support transplantation such as tissue typing, dialysis, Meld/Peld, LAS and more.

Remote access capabilities are provided for patients, clinicians and online living donor registration.

Many hospitals from small, single-organ transplant programs to large, multi-organ, multi-facility teaching institutions rely on Presidio in their daily operations.