Employee timesheets save time and money

TR Timesheet is an application can improve the profitability and productivity of your hospital. Our app lets you prepare your timesheets and timesheet reporting without the need for custom spreadsheets or manual calculations.

Streamline timesheet tracking

Provider based physician time studies can be an important component of CMS compensation. TR Timesheet supports custom activity tracking and the ability to assign activities to specific provider groups. Providers access their personal timesheet available as an online form to enter their activity hours. Weekly, monthly and yearly reports are generated to summarize activity across provider groups.

Integration with Epic

An admin can designate which Epic users have access to the Timesheet application. Once a user is granted access, it is linked to their Epic account and they don’t need to sign in again to use the application.


Timesheet entry

  • Timesheets are presented in an easy to use spreadsheet format for entry
  • Users post hours to specific defined activities


  • Weekly, monthly and yearly reporting
  • Reports can be run for each group you track in the hospital
  • Print reports and export to MS Excel


  • Create separate provider groups and attach employees to specific groups
  • Customize activities to track for each provider group