Presidio Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) helps manage patients with liver malignancies, a major cause of liver transplantation, and addresses UNOS wait list urgency criteria.


  • Preliminary evaluation – medical history and preliminary exam
  • Radiology testing – PET scan, CT scan, Ultrasound and/or MRI
  • Pathology testing
  • Tumor stages
  • Treatment plan
  • Treatment and follow-up
  • Evaluation

Radiology Testing

Reporting functionality includes: location (segment), signal intensity, dynamic series, lesion definition, vascular thrombus and other measurement scores such as LRI, Milan and UCSF criteria.

Pathology Testing

Reporting functionality includes: all UNOS required data, the number of tumors, locations and pathological data maps for the required UNOS “Liver Recipient Explant Pathology” report.

Tumor Stages

Tumor stages can be defined based on the TNM data entered by analyzing the diagnostic test data.

Treatment Plan, Treatment & Follow-Up

Tumors discovered by radiology and/or pathology testing can have specific treatments that may be tailored to an individual tumor.

The treatment plan is defined, initially recorded and can change over time.  It can include one or more of the following course of treatment:

  • Interventional radiology
  • Chemotherapy
  • Surgery

Each applied treatment’s specific details can be recorded as well.

Presidio HCC Brochure